Sunday, 7 May 2017

March & April Empties

Hello all, I've managed to finish relatively less number of products as compared my previous posts; mainly because I've been travelling quite a bit. Anyhow, let's get on with the empties.

Khadi Herbal Shampoo with Vanilla and Honey

INR 135 for 210 ml

I really enjoyed using this shampoo & this has got to be the best smelling shampoo I've ever used from Khadi Herbals. It's got Rockside Laboratories written on the side which makes me wonder if this is manufactured separately. Looking forward to repurchasing.

Patanjali Divya Badam Rogan Almond Oil

INR 100 for 60 ml

My second bottle of this oil which should tell you how much I love it. I've switched over entirely from Dabur Rogan Badam Shireen to this one. Will be repurchasing after I whittle down my stash.

Sunsilk Soft and Smooth Shampoo Sachets X 2

INR 3 for 7 ml

My favourite shampoo! Although I think it's overpriced- you can get the same amount of shampoo at 1 Rupee as well. Will be buying forever.

Aloe Veda French Lavender Luxury Shower Gel

INR 180 for 300 ml

Smells fantastic & completely non- drying. Have one more variant of this one.

Vedic Line Lavender Gloss Serum

INR 200 for 100 ml

I really want to like this product but it gives a very shiny look on my oily skin. Maybe that's what they mean when they say "Gloss Serum". I can see this working amazingly well on people with dry skin. Despite the soothing fragrance, no repurchase.

Brihans Green Leaf Aloe Face Wash Gel

INR 90 for 120 gm

I loved the effect of this face wash though it doesn't remove makeup at all- not even compact. It somehow didn't break me out even though it didn't clean as well as I wanted it to. What gets annoying after a point, is to scoop out the product with your hands EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Will repurchase if the packaging is changed.

Nature's Essence Walnut Foot Scrub

INR 150 for 100 gm

This was part of a Manicure & Pedicure kit which I got as a free gift with purchase. It's so mild, ain't nobody's foot getting scrubbed with this thing. I used it on my face & it provided mild exfoliation at best. Also, it's a gel scrub & doesn't get washed away easily. It smells amazing like all Nature's Essence products but no repurchase.

Cemera Cuticle Oil Polish Cleanser

INR 50 for 50 ml

I bought this thinking it was from V.O.V. Quite similar but leaves a white residue on nails after removing polish. No repurchase.

Vaadi Herbals Luxurious Saffron Soap

INR 38 for 75 gm

I'd bought 6 of these. SIX. Took forever to finish + the fact that I hated the smell didn't really speed things up. This one's the last of the lot. HAVE TO STOP BUYING IN BULK.

Vaadi Herbals Heavenly Lavender Soap

INR 38 for 75 gm

Smells divine. Will be buying this & the Kiwi soap for all eternity.

Cinthol Deostick in Aura

INR 69 for 40 gm

Oh God! Where do I begin? Nothing works in this product. It does not control sweat. Nor does it deodorize. And the tube packaging has got to be the worst one I've ever seen. I'm all for innovative packaging but not when it makes using the product that much more difficult. Hated this one. Going back to my trusted Sure Anti- perspirant. Am so glad I didn't buy several of these as I usually do.

Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream

INR for 19 ml

I've been using this as a night lip balm for well over a year & yet it was showing no signs of finishing. By the time I finished using this, even an ardent caramel lover like me hated the smell of it. One more thing I'm glad I didn't buy several of. Definitely something to be said for restraint while buying new products, eh? No way in hell!


As always discarding a few more makeup items

Faces Makeup Brushes

INR 495 for set of 5 brushe
Bought this when I was starting out in makeup. Super scratchy bristles but nothing better was available back then. Goodbye!

Maybelline Colorsensational in Hooked on Pink &

Maybelline Colorsensational in Blushing Brunette

Don't remember the price

These were my most used lipsticks at one point. As of now, I've several similar looking lipsticks & I'm soooo over minor shade differences. Plus, these happen to be 6 years old. My lipstick drawer has a little more room now.

Do you track your empties? Does it help in curbing excess shopping? It works for me till I reach the last face wash et al....then I go on a mad spree & stock everything back up. Sigh!

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Luster Dark Secrets Charcoal Scrub Review

I'm an out and out face mask junkie. Since I've oily skin, it is relatively better behaved in winters. I squirrel away face mask & packs all winter so I can use them in summer. I will be reviewing a face pack I'm almost finished using- Luster Dark Secrets Charcoal Scrub. It can be used as a face mask as well. I bought it mainly because I was looking for a charcoal scrub & this one boasted of Rhassoul Mud as a main ingredient. It was only when I opened it that I noticed it's striking similarity to Lush products especially Coalface. Even the name starts with "Lus" further confusing the consumer. It even has "Fresh Handmade Cosmetics" written on the tub but I highly doubt this claim since it has an expiry period of 3 years!

INR 295 for 100 ml

The scrub comes packaged in a black plastic tub with a screw on lid, almost similar to Lush products. The tub is housed in a cardboard box on which are printed the details like ingredients, date of expiry etc. The scrub is protected by a foil to avoid spillage.

Luster Dark Secrets Charcoal Scrub is a grey coloured gritty mixture which spreads easily on a wet face. It's a complete nightmare to spread on dry skin. A little goes a long way- I used a lot the first time around and ended up with a very oily face- probably because of the avocado oil it contains. When used in normal quantity, it leaves my face moisturized with a subtle glow. Sadly, the effects are not long lasting & because of this, it's become my go- to pack before last minute parties etc. I look fresh faced in a matter of minutes. It has a floral smell which I don't particularly like but I wash it off before it gets on my nerves. I'm quite happy with this scrub.


Can be used both as scrub & mask.

Exfoliates really well

Provides a subtle glow for about 6 hours post usage.


Imitation might be the best form of flattery but not for entire products. Uncool

There is a discrepancy in the ingredient list on the tub & on the outer cover. It is entirely different. Utterly baffled with this one!

Luster Dark Secrets Charcoal Scrub is a great last minute face pack - I love the results. Which is your go to scrub?

Monday, 13 March 2017

Jan & Feb Empties and Discards

The first 2 months of the new year just flew by which means it's time for an empties post. Let's look at all the stuff I've managed to finish

KPN Neelibhringadi Coconut Oil

INR 85 for 100 ml

This is my second bottle which should tell you how much I love this stuff! I am not repurchasing immediately because I've bought the fabled Catharidine hair oil as well as a ton of others to try.

Garnier Fructis Oil- in -Cream

INR 35 for 50 gm

I'm so glad to see this gone. Didn't like it one bit.

Garnier Fructis Oil-in -Cream sachets X 4

Free Sample of 7.5 gm

Why oh why do we only get free samples of products we don't like? Managed to finish 4 sachets & finally get rid of this.

Head & Shoulders Conditioner

INR 4 for 7.5 ml

One more free sample. Decent conditione, might repurchase.

Parachute sachets X 2

INR 1 for 2.3 ml

I got this as part of free toiletries at a hotel in Kerala. Believe you me, the Keralites take their hair oil seriously. Been ages since I've used Parachute hair oil. I've moved on to newer loves.

Lotus Herbals 3 in 1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock

INR 345 for 100 gm

My HG sunscreen since forever. My skin looks almost poreless when I apply this. However, of late this one simply doesn't cut it anymore for me during the winter. Blame my drying skin - where is all the oil going?! For summer though it doesn't get any more perfect than this.

Clean & Clear Oil free Moisturizer

INR 50 for 50 ml

I've used umpteen tubes of this all through school & college. Bought this simply so i would qualify for free shipping. Because God Forbid if I've to pay shipping for anything! As stellar as ever.

Astaberry Fruit Face Wash

INR 55 for 60 ml

Got this free with Astaberry facial kit. Decent face wash but I simply didn't take a shine to the smell. No repurchase.


INR 250 for 30 gm

One word. Awesome. Will be buying for all eternity.

St D'vence Moisturizer

INR 55 for 50 ml

Got this free with something. Decent moisturizer for summer

Sure Dry Shield Anti -Perspirant

INR 85 for 40 ml

Buying this since ages & looks like I will continue. The Cinthol Deostick that I bought to replace this was such a huge disappointment. Running back to this one.


INR 72.50 for 50 gm

My HG hand cream. I've super dry hands & need a urea based moisturizer. I like everything about it except the smell.

Parachute Body Lotion

INR 5 for 18 ml

Chotu bottle- will last for 2 days. Perfect for small breaks /holidays.

KLF Cocosoft handmade coconut soap

INR 45 for 75 gm

Love this one to bits. Still have one more of this.

Nature's Essence Orange Scrub Soap

INR 30 for 75 gm

Fantastic soap. Smells zesty & the scrub particles help in getting rid of tan faster. Use a light hand- the scrub particles are quite abrasive.

2 Body Lotions from the hotel stash

Wonder if I will ever finish this mountain of mini products! Anyhow, even small steps count.

HealthVit Biotin 5000 mcg

INR 420 for 60 capsules

Not really a beauty product. But I've seen marked difference in my hair fall after using this. Have bought one more bottle of this.

P.S : Do NOT pop pills without consulting your doctor.


Silk n Shine Hair Potion

INR 135 for 100 ml

This one's ancient. I loved this product when it was first launched but later, I felt like it was contributing to my hair fall issues. Wonder why I kept it for so many years

Lakme Lip Love

Don't remember the price

This is also pretty old. I didn't use it for the longest time because it was so pretty. When I finally did use it, I felt it was not moisturizing enough. Discarding now after an eternity.

V color Nail Polish Remover Pad

INR 45 for 40 wipes

These are an absolute waste. They dry up so quickly. I could use the other 2 (had bought 3 together) partially but this one's dead.

What have you finished up?

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Review of Hyalugel by Ethicare Remedies

Hi girls,  I've been meaning to review this product since a long time. The reason it was difficult to put words to my thoughts was because this gel has a split personality disorder. It behaves completely differently in summer & winter.

Early last year I decided to be more serious about anti- aging & start using acids. I zeroed in on Hyaluronic acid to begin with. While a lot of fancy ingredients come & go, I was truly impressed by the properties of Hyaluronic acid. 1teeny tiny gram of Hyaluronic acid can hold upto 6 litres of water! How awesome is that! I didn't want to buy any regular drugstore product with a token amount of the acid (generally less than 2%) and since I trust pharmaceutical products more, I bought Hyalugel by Ethicare Remedies.

INR 250 for 30 gm

Ingredients-  Aqua, Glycerin,  Hyaluronic Acid, Carbomer, Preservatives

Hyalugel comes in a regular tube packaging with an outer cardboard box. All the details regarding it are printed on both the tube & box. The tube has a hologram sticker to prevent tampering. It's a clear odourless, colourless gel which gets absorbed pretty fast.

First off, my skin background. I have oily facial skin which is getting drier since I hit 30. I started using this in summer as a night cream & within a week it had plumped up the 11 shaped frown lines on my forehead. I was ecstatic with the result & continued using everyday. My pores remained the same size though. I didn't notice anything extraordinary during the rest of the time.

Come winter, I continued using this as before. Except when I woke up my skin looked absolutely parched. I didn't know what had gone wrong. I started reading more about this stuff. Turns out, the product plumps up your skin by drawing moisture from the atmosphere. But in drier climates, where there is not much moisture in the atmosphere, it still tries to draw moisture from the very depths of your skin. Not a good thing. It's easy to remedy by layering on an emmolient cream on top. I've always scoffed at people using a separate neck cream, decolletage cream etc but that is exactly what I've had to do while using this product. Though my face has oily skin, my body has dry skin & that is why I had to layer on 2 different products- one for my face & one for my neck. (I knew laughing at the zillion step Korean skincare regime would come & bite me back in the ass!)

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with this gel. It plumps up your skin noticeably & doesn't cost a zillion bucks.


Utterly light weight, literally sinks into the skin

Plumps up your skin in a matter of days

Hydrating without being greasy

Absolutely no smell which is a boon if you have to layer multiple products (don't want to smell like a bouquet)

Does not break you out

Cost effective


Absolute pain to use in winters or for people with dry skin.

I think the positives far outweigh the negatives. If you are looking for a stellar anti- aging product, go for it blindly. It does work wonders.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Oriflame Haul

So I hauled again & here I am to share the details of the loot

Oriflame Pure Skin Clarifying Scrub / Purifying Mask

INR 109 for 6ml + 6 ml (Sale Price INR 85)

I think this would be perfect for summer. Can't wait to try.

Oriflame Nature Coconut Oil

INR 189 for 100 ml

Just bought on a whim

Oriflame Pure Color Pressed Powder in Light Medium

INR 349 for 20 gm (BOGO Offer)

I simply can't resist BOGO deals. I initially thought this was overpriced but it's WAY bigger than a regular compact- almost 3 times the size.

Oriflame Nature Secrets Anti- Perspirant Deodorant

INR 199 for 50 ml

Another whimsical purchase.

Oriflame Royal Velvet Set

I've been lemming after this for a while & decided to indulge finally. My agent gave me a generous 10 % discount on the whole set & I was jumping with joy ...until I chanced upon Amazon selling the same thing for 3500! That's 2 grand lesser. Sob, sob.

INR 5495 for

Creamy Cleansing Milk 200 ml
Soothing Toner 200 ml
Firming Day Cream 50 gm
Firming Eye Contour Cream 15 gm
Ultra Firming Capsules (28 capsules)
Repairing Night Cream 50 gm

I couldn't resist the decadent smell & tried the day cream. It's too rich for my oily- normal skin. Guess I'll have to wait for winter to start using this.

Have you hauled recently? Such a mood lifter.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

November & December Empties

Hello all & a very happy new year. I'm so excited about my empties this time as I have managed to finish a lot of products this past month. And it even includes makeup. How proud am I! Let's begin.

Patanjali Coconut Hair Wash

INR 95 for 150 ml

Easily my most favorite product from Patanjali. It's an absolute God sent for people with frizzy, dry hair. I love how it soothes my scalp. Will be buying this for all eternity.

KLF Nirmal Virgin Coconut Oil

INR 320 for 500 ml

Not too impressed with this one. The consistency is pretty thin & it disconcertingly never solidified too much- even in the dead of winter. Finished using it by doing oil pulling. Not repurchasing ever again.

Ayur Herbal Body Care Lotion in Cocoa Butter

INR 200 for 1000 ml

I've used up so many bottles of this back in college. Totally value for money. I might buy a different variant next time.

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Natural Hair Cleanser

INR 75 for 200 ml

I love this shampoo & have been using it from several years. Eyeing the aloe vera shampoo next.

Khadi Herbal Bath Salt in Nag Champa

INR 300 for 200 gm

This smells divine! I don't know if it does anything much but it's absolutely relaxing to use + the bathroom smells great for the entire day. I even took this with me while on a holiday just to use in the bathtub. Ah bliss! Might buy again.

Nature's Essence Magic Perfect Papaya Face Wash

INR 60 for 65 ml

I got this as a free gift with a facial kit. Although it doesn't lather as well as I want it to it cleans like a boss. I have even used it to wash my face when I was using light makeup & it's removed every speck of it. Also it smells awesome. Definite repurchase.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion

INR 260 for 100 ml

Bought this a while back after the relentless "Cetaphil Jai Jai" of most bloggers. Everyone seems to love this except me. It's super thick which rules it out as a facial moisturizer for me. And when I tried using it as a body moisturizer it was sticky & uncomfortable as hell. Glad to see it gone. Never again.

Aloe Veda Wild Jasmine Luxury Shower Gel

INR 180 for 300 ml

Quite like these shower gels especially since I stocked up on them at INR 120 each. Love the subtle smell & the non-drying nature. What I don't like is the label which gets all wonky & wrinkled within a couple of uses. I mean you are calling yourself "luxury", at the very least look the part. Still have 1 more of this.

Nature's Essence Magic Lemon Hand & Foot Cleanser

INR 100 for 125 ml

This was part of a Manicure kit which I got as gift with purchase somewhere. It smells like every other lemon dishwash liquid. Hated it. Used up by cleaning tiles etc. Never again.

Patanjali Mogra Body Cleanser

INR 25 for 75 gm

Can you tell I'm in a jasminy frame of mind? This is my favorite soap from Patanjali & have repurchased it many times. Love!

Nivea Nourishing Body Milk

INR 99 for 75 ml

Just regular stuff. Nothing to write home about.

Dove Intense Repair Conditioner

INR 40 for 40 ml

Got this as part of "Fun Friday Gift" while shopping on Nykaa. Exactly what is fun about a conditioner I'll never know. Anyhow, decent conditioner. Love the smell. Might repurchase.

Garnier BB Cream

INR 99 for 18 gm

Good God! This was bad for me. It gives a very shiny look which even a compact can't take care of for more than a couple of hours. Plus it gives zero coverage. Also it doesn't photograph well. What is the deal with this thing? Glad it's gone.

Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Compact in Golden Medium

INR 150 for 8 gm

Took forever to finish this. I didn't like it one bit.

Tips & Toes Top Coat

INR 99 for 9 ml

Decent top coat at decent price. Nothing spectacular though.

Head & Shoulders Conditioner x 3

INR 4 for 7.5 ml

Another free gift. I somehow got on to the conditioner bandwagon pretty late but I'm making up for lost time. Good enough conditioner.

Chik Hairfall Prevent Shampoo x 2

INR 1 for 6 ml

Not great. Will not be repurchasing again.

Garnier Fructis Oil- in- Cream x 2

Free Sample of 7.5 gm

Does not work like oil, does not work well as leave in conditioner & does not work well as conditioner as well. What's with the OTT smell?

One Single Lone bottle of hotel shampoo

I can't seem to stop picking up these things. Might as well use them.

Discarding these things this month

Oriflame Dual Skin Corrector in Medium

INR for 1.6 gm

Too chalky for me & gets patchy when applied.

Coloressence Lipstick in Hot Look

Coloressence Lipstick in Magenta Janta

Coloressence Lipstick in Brick Red

INR 199 each

Got all 3 as part of their bridal kit along with kajal. The kajal is awesome, the lipstick not so much. Does not fade away evenly & gets patchy. Also all the bullets are shaky.

Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm

INR for 4.8 gm

Pet peeve- glitter in lip products. I mean what!

Revlon Lipliner Pencil in Burgundy

INR for 1.15 gm

Yet another gift with purchase. Don't like the colour too much.

That's the end of my rather long list of empties. Do you like decluttering often?

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Makeup Haul

I've never really done a haul post before mainly because I've been trying to finish the shit I already have. But its been close to 2 years since I bought any new makeup & frankly, the stuff's been calling out to me. The only difference is in the way I shop- I've reasoned & researched before every single purchase, whittling away at my wishlist until it was just what I needed. Also I've stopped being such a brand snob- no point spending big bucks if the quality is same & you are anyway going to junk it in 2 years with 3/4th of the product unused. Sigh! Girl problems

Castillo Eyeliner in Black, Grey, Taupe, Teal, Golden, Chocolate Brown

INR 325 for 3 gm each

I've never heard of this brand before but it had glowing reviews + it claims to be made in Germany. All the eyeliners I've used before which were manufactured in Germany have been stellar. Also, I simply couldn't pass up an opportunity to have so many colours. The eyeliners are well pigmented, smooth & an absolute breeze to apply. They last for 6+ hours after which there is a bit of fading but it does not migrate anywhere else. While I love all the other colours, the grey and taupe ones make me look ill. Nevertheless, good purchase.

Coloressence Intense Long Wear Liquid Lip Colour in Rose Petal

INR 350 for 8 ml

After watching the swatch video on YouTube countless times, I zeroed in on Antique Ruby & Rose Petal. Somehow, at the last minute I felt Rose Petal would be more wearable & ended up buying it. And thank heavens for that- the lip colour is super vivid & does not budge. At all. It is a wee bit drying on my lips but nothing horrendous. It dries to a matte finish & I'm madly in love with this colour.

Arezia Matte Me Lipstick in Skin Kiss

INR 250 for 6 ml

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that matte lips have been in for a while. I initially wanted to buy the Chambor one but the price tag put me off. Am glad I bought this - it's the perfect nude shade for me. It is drying like all other matte lip products. Nothing unmanageable though.

Me Now Kajal in Black, Emerald Green, Brown, Sky Blue, Sapphire Blue, Caterpillar Green

INR 300 for 4.2 gm each

Another unheard of brand though there are a fair bit of reviews on YouTube. Simply love these kajals. They stay put for about 4+ hours after which they fade a bit but there is hardly any smudging. The sapphire blue is my favorite of the lot.

Maybelline White Superfresh Compact in Coral

INR 150 for 8 gm

I'm not running out of compacts anytime soon but I couldn't resist it at just 100 bucks. Not used yet & will not be opening this until my existing compacts finish.

Elle 18 Glow Compact in Marble

INR 150 for 8 gm

Another 100 INR purchase. Like I said before, I like a good bargain.

I also bought 6 ADS lipsticks (there are no half measures with me) but seem to have misplaced them somewhere. Will post them separately. Have you bought anything lately?